Coming Soon! This is the website for Guardians Heart Films in Burlington North Carolina founded by Richard Smith.

Hello and welcome to the website for Richard Smith and Guardians Heart Films.

So what is Guardians Heart Films?

Thanks for asking!

About 6 years ago Richard started making christian videos of inspiration
with Pastor Andy Clapp of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Liberty.
We started using the name WODPTV - which stands for Oceans Deep Productions TV.
At first, we set out on a goal of maybe one day opening up another christian based
tv station much like the one that used to be here in Snow Camp.

As the research started on this project we quickly understood that that goal
as great as it would be, just was not going to happen.

So we set out to make you tube videos instead.

I ( Richard ) have felt like for some time now, that God has a movie
that He wants me to make called Autistic Hearts.

However, it is God's timing , not mine, that matters.

So, I have set out on a new goal ( as of March 8th 2024 ) of making videos
of non profits and how they help others in their communities.

Churches and non profits of all types helping others through food pantry's
health and welfare of others.

As I set out on this new goal, I do so feeling that this is what God has called me to do.

I do not charge to do these videos.

I have worked for Applebees as a host for over 4 years now and
some of those videos are for them and currently the " Together We care Tuesdays "
fundraising program to help raise money for local non profits.

You can read more about that program by visiting these websites at

Below are videos I have done in the past using the WODPTV name
and now the " Guardians Heart Films " name.

More to come as time goes on.


Thank you for visiting our website!